27-29 May 2022: FEAMC symposium: Challenges of competence and compassion in contemporary medicine: presentations and texts

On May 27-29th, 2022 the FEAMC symposium Challenges of competence and compassion in contemporary medicine was held in Assisi, Italy. Presentations and texts of this meeting will be published on this page as soon as they are available.

Friday, May 27th, 2022PresentationText
Introduction to the symposium
Dr. Vincenzo Defilippis (Italy), President of FEAMC
PDF Opening speech for the congress – Defilippis
Compassion in medicine
Msgr. Jacques Suaudeau (France), Ecclesiastical Assistent of FIAMC / FEAMC
PDF Compassion and Medicine Suaudeau – text
Challenges of the paradigmatically changing medicine and health care systems (Post-Covid-19 and beyond)
Prof.dr. Jozef Glasa – internist (Slovakia), clinical pharmacologist, hepatologist, and bioethicist / Slovak christian doctors and health professionals / FEAMC vice-president
PDF Challenges GlasaPDF Challenges of Medicine Glasa – text
Contemporary physician-patient relationships and compassion
Prof.dr. Frans J. van Ittersum – internist-nephrologist (Netherlands) / chair Dutch Catholic Association of Health Care Workers / FEAMC secretary general
PDF Patient-physician relationship Van IttersumPDF Patient-physician relationships van Ittersum – text
Evidence Based Medicine and compassion
Prof.dr. Alexandre Laureano Santos (Portugal), cardiologist
PDF EBM Laureano SantosPDF EBM Laureano Santos – text
Obstetrics & Gynaecology and compassion
Prof.dr. Bogdan Chazan (Poland), gynecologist – obstetrician, medical director of MaterCare International and deputy head of the Polish Society of Catholic Physicians / FEAMC vice president
PDF Obstetrics ChazanPDF Gynaecology Chazan
Aid for pregnant women – the abortion pill regret story
Dr. Dermot Kearney (United Kingdom), cardiologist, FEAMC vice-president
PDF Abortion regret story KearneyPDF Abortion regret story Kearney – text
Pediatrics and compassion
Prof.dr. Jose Diogo Ferreira Martins (Portugal), Heart Pediatrician / president of the Portuguese Society of Catholic Doctors
PDF Pediatrics Ferreira Martins – text
Surgery and compassion
Dr. Didier Legeais (France)
PDF Surgery Legeais – text
The place of compassion within the Hippocratic tradition, according to Professor Jerome Lejeune
Dr. Aude Dugast (France), director of the “Bioethics Master Class, Fondation Jerome Lejeune”
PDF Lejeune DugastPDF Lejeune Dugast – text
Infectious diseases and compassion
Assist. prof.dr. Rok Civljak (Croatia)
PDF Infectious Disease Civljak – text
Hepatology liver transplantation and compassion
Assist. prof.dr. Helena Glasova (Slovakia)
PDF Hepatology, Liver transplantation GladovaPDF Hepatology and Liver transplantation Glasova – text
Neurology and compassion
Dr. Pavel Kostka (Czech Republik)
PDF Neurology Kostka – text
Oncology and compassion
Prof.dr. Javier Sanz (Spain)
PDF Oncology SanzPDF Oncology Sanz – text
Saturday, 28th, 2022
Psychiatry and compassion
Dr. Ermanno Pavesi (Switzerland)
PDF Psychiatry PavesiPDF Psychiatry Pavesi – text
Medical psychology and compassion
Prof. Chiara Scardicchio (Italy), psychologist, University of Bari
PDF Medical Education and Compassion ScardicchioPDF Medical Education Scardicchio – text
Issues on gender gender medicine and compassion”
Assist. prof.dr. Dario Sacchini (Italy), Institute of Bioethics and Medical Humanities, University of the Sacred Heart, Rome
PDF Gender Medicine Sacchini – text
Synodal process in Europe: health expectations and prospects
H.E. Mons. Vincenzo Paglia (Italy), President of the Pontifical Academy of Life
PDF Synodal process and Health Prospects Paglia – text
End of life and compassion
Prof. Vidas Pilvinis (Lithuania)
PDF Intensive care PilvinisPDF Intensive care Pilvinis – text
Geriatrics and compassion
Lotte Voets MD (Netherlands)
PDF Compassie & Geriatric Care VoetsPDF Elderly Medicine Voets – text
Compassion: practically ? Palliative Care
H.E. Mgrs Francesco Savino, member of the Charity and Health Commission of the Italian Episcopal Conference
PDF Palliative Care – Savino
Presentation of the final document and closing of the congress.
Msgr. Jacques Suaudeau (France), ecclesiastical/spiritual assistant to FIAMC / FEAMC
PDF Final document Suaudeau