Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Tirana April 28th, 2023 after mass
Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Bureau 9-11-2019

World Youth Days 2023: reports on FIAMC.org

Read updates on the 2023 World Youth Days in Lisbon, and especially on FIAMC activities for young doctors and medical students.
Croatian Catholic Medical Society

Msgr. Dr. Valentin Pozaić: in memoriam

Msgr. Dr. Valentin Pozaić, a founder and the first ecclesiastical assistant of the Croatian Catholic Medical Society and a former ecclesiastical assistant of the FEAMC (1996–2016), has died. (September 15, 1945–May 15, 2023)

Roman Catholic Church


COMECE: concerns about draft on substances of human origin

COMECE and KBB are jointly releasing a statement expressing their deep concerns about the draft of the European Parliament’s position on the SoHO Regulation.

COMECE on the “ethical indefensibility” of an EU fundamental right to abortion

COMECE states that abortion cannot be an EU fundamental right.