Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Tirana April 28th, 2023 after mass
Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Bureau 9-11-2019

FEAMC president’s Christmas message 2023

FEAMC president’s Christmas message 2023: let us be courageous and strong builders of the Church of the Lord and of a New Humanity in Europe and the world in 2024!

Catholic physicians in Kyiv-Ukrain reflect on the Gospel of Life

Reflection of teh Catholic physicians of Ukrain on the Gospel of Life.

Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis

Human. Meanings and Challenges

Pope Francis discusses the relationship of science, technology and nature. Science and technology must promote the human being in its irreducible specificity.
Pope Francis

Artificial Intelligence and the wisdom of the heart: towards a fully human communication

While artificial intelligence can be a formidable tool to facilitate communication and information exchange, it cannot provide the uniquely human wisdom needed to promote the well-being of people and their communities. This writes Pope Francis in a recently published message.



Physicians weekend

Emmanuel weekend for doctors, surgeons, medical students and their spouses.

FEAMC 2024 meeting: Professional and ethical challenges in medicine during war

Meeting of the FEAMC Executive Board with symposium “Professional and ethical challenges in medicine during war”, Zagreb – Vukovar, Croatia, May 30 – June 2, 2024

“I am what I do. Establishing my identity in Christ

Biennal conference of MaterCare International.

Jubilee of the Sick and Health Care Workers

Event of the Jubilee 2025 concerning sick people and health care workers in Rome.