Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Tirana April 28th, 2023 after mass
Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Bureau 9-11-2019

President’s message for Holy Easter 2024

FEAMC President Vincenzo Defilippis message for Easter 2024. “If we are, as doctors and as Christians, authentic servants of life, we stand with Mary at the foot of the Cross that afflicts humanity today: the victims of wars and persecutions, the migrants who die with difficulty on sea and land, the hungry and abandoned, the “discards” of our societies.”

Catholic Medical Students Belgium on Mission

Christina, a final year medical student from Belgium. shares her experience in participating in the “Mission Conference“ in Brussels.

Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis

Palliative care: a sign of hope

Authentic palliative care is a sign of hope and si radically different from euthanasia, which is never a source of hope or genuine concern for the sick and dying.
Pope Francis

Be inclusive to people with disabilities

Pope Francis calls for inclusiveness of people with disabilities.



FEAMC 2024 meeting: Professional and ethical challenges in medicine during wartime

Meeting of the FEAMC Executive Board with symposium “Professional and ethical challenges in medicine during war”, Ðakovo, Croatia, May 30 – June 2, 2024.

“I am what I do. Establishing my identity in Christ

Biennal conference of MaterCare International.

Catholic Physicians Conference Belgium

Conference of the Catholic Physicians Belgium. Program will be published soon.

Jubilee of the Sick and Health Care Workers

Event of the Jubilee 2025 concerning sick people and health care workers in Rome.