Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Tirana April 28th, 2023 after mass
Tirana compilatie
FEAMC Assisi 2022
Bureau 9-11-2019
Croatian Catholic Medical Society

Msgr. Dr. Valentin Pozaić: in memoriam

Msgr. Dr. Valentin Pozaić, a founder and the first ecclesiastical assistant of the Croatian Catholic Medical Society and a former ecclesiastical assistant of the FEAMC (1996–2016), has died. (September 15, 1945–May 15, 2023)

Msgr. Valentin Pozaic passed away

Reaction of Vincenzo Defilippis, FEAMC president, on the death of msgr. Valentin Pozaic.

Roman Catholic Church

Roman Curia

Joint statement of Jews and Catholics on end-of-life issues

Jewish and Catholic approaches to the terminally ill: the Prohibited, the Permitted and the Obligatory.
Pope Francis

“The ‘Billings revolution’ 70 years later: from fertility knowledge to personalized medicine”

Message to participants in the WOOMB international congress on “the ‘Billings revolution’ for fertility awareness.


19-27 July 2023: Health Care Ethics – Catholic Perspectives

Summer course organised by “St André International Center for Ethics and Integrity”.
Societas Lucae

28-31 July 2023: Tirocinium MMXXIII

A bioethics and leadership training camp for medical students, just before World Youth Day in Lisbon.