FEAMC president’s Christmas message 2023

At Christmas, shepherds ‘wrapped in light‘ are invited to recognise God in a child ‘wrapped in swaddling clothes‘. These are the swaddling clothes that still wrap the wounds of wars and those that heal all forms of violence and inequality. Our thoughts turn to our friends in Ukraine and the Middle East, to the migrants who seek hope by crossing lands and seas, to the marginalised in our societies, to those excluded from our rich canteens. We are called to heal in Truth the wounds of Humanity, everywhere. I have in my heart the hope and the desire that a time of authentic reconciliation and the resumption of a common path (the synodal path!) of Peace and Justice, of Solidarity and Brotherhood may arise. Let our commitment then be that of builders of this new time, in the certainty that the Lord is always at our side and that we are never alone. It is Christ who builds with our minds and hands the Kingdom

Christmas 2023

So, best wishes that this Holy Day may remind everyone that “the Word of God became brother” and that in 2024 we will be courageous and strong builders of the Church of the Lord and of a New Humanity in Europe and in the world, in full harmony with the Holy Father and the Gospel. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you, your families, your sick, your associations and your communities!

Vincenzo Defilippis
FEAMC president