To the president of the European Parliament

To the distinguished Hon. Dr. David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament
Distinguished President,

On behalf of the European Catholic doctors and myself, I would like to offer you compassion and proximity in experiencing unacceptable Russian sanctions after having witnessed the values of Democracy, Solidarity and Freedom. The European Parliament represents all the peoples of our continent, united in the common ideals of democracy, equity, freedom and justice with full respect for the human dignity of everyone, even in non-European countries. I want you to know that we are all close to you in this coherent and courageous testimony of truth about man, which concretely expresses the principle of fraternity, in which we firmly believe together with the Christians of the Orthodox Church of Moscow. Our hope is that these unfair sanctions will be lifted as soon as possible on the free pronouncement of the Russian people and that the spirit of international collaboration can be restored in the authentic recognition of human dignity, always and everywhere.

With great respect and cordiality
Vincenzo Defilippis, President of the European Federation of Catholic Medical Associations