In memoriam mgsr. Jacques Suaudeau

The death of mgsr Jacques Suaudeau, doctor and priest, July 28th, saddens the hearts of all Catholic doctors in Europe and around the world. His long service to the Church, to doctors and, through them, to the sick was exemplary: marked by a profound knowledge and authentic witness to the Gospel, living in fidelity to the Pope and the Magisterium, fulfillling his daily pastoral commitment in Grenoble and giving extraordinary contributions to the Pontifical Academy for Life, to Vatican organisatons, and to the World and European Catholic Medical Federations. The choice of the theme for the last FEAMC Symposium in Assisi last May was his choice and connotes the essence of his Christian experience: competence and compassion, as a doctor, as a priest, as a believer.

Mgsr. Jacques Suaudeau, Assisi May 2022

We remember him as always available for conversation, humble, wise, reflective, good, ready to spend himself for good, a promoter of dialogue and peace. He continued to spend himself for FEAMC, despite his aggressive illness, until our last Bureau on 9 July 2022, as always, with timely and valuable reflections. Today, we have lost a great friend on earth, but we have the certainty that from heaven mgsr Jacques will continue to be close to us, to support us, to enlighten us, to intercede for us. We entrust him with our prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Virgin Mary, to whom he was very devoted. May he rest in peace, in the eternal embrace that God reserves for the just.

Vincenzo Defilippis
President of FEAMC