Greeting from FEAMC to the new President of the European Parliament

Dear President,

The European Federation of Catholic Medical Associations sends its warmest wishes to you as the new President of the European Parliament. We are certain, from his personal history, that he will be a President at the service of the citizens of our dear Europe. We know and share his Christian values ​​of reference, to which he has always testified with consistency: respect for human dignity and life, dialogue as a method, sharing and solidarity as means of common growth, social justice as a prerequisite for civil coexistence. . , hospitality as an openness to the world and a premise of peace. In the hearts of Catholic doctors, there is a vivid and grateful memory of his predecessor David Sassoli, architect of an extraordinary season of renewal of the European institutions with respect for the diversity of opinions and secularism, but also in the firmness of concrete application of Christian values. , strong and living roots of Europe. We are convinced that you are pursuing this action of renewal with renewed enthusiasm. Hoping to be able to see you again – once the pandemic is over – we wish you our best wishes for a good and long journey!

With respect and cordiality

Vincenzo Defilippis, President of FEAMC