FEAMC President Easter message 2023

Holy Easter Resurrection 2023

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

I would like my good wishes to reach you not with the usual phrases of circumstance, but with an embrace, with an intense gaze, with a smile of joy: the Lord is risen! It is the certainty of our Faith: the Resurrection is the stone of the tomb that rolls and opens to true, authentic life free from death and sin.

The Resurrection is the courage to believe in love, in spite of wars, pandemics, persecutions, destructions, hatreds, rivalries, defeats, and sufferings. The Resurrection is the courage to give hope to those who no longer think they can hope, those who no longer have dreams, those who are saddened by sin.

The Lord is Risen precisely to tell you that, in the face of those who decide to “love”, there is no death that can hold, no grave that can remain closed, no sepulchral boulder that does not roll away. May light and hope widen the loopholes of your existences and make you free, truly free to love every sister and brother — none excluded — in the one Father.

So, best wishes for courage, best wishes for witness, best wishes for the ability to love to you, to your families, to your sick. Best wishes for a true Resurrection!

Vincenzo Defilippis,
FEAMC president