April 28th – May 2nd 2020: FEAMC Board meeting in Vilnius

This meeting is cancelled because of the Corona virus epidemic.

Tuesday, 28 April   Arrivals et Snt. Mary Guesthouse (if possible before 17.30,  closure at 22.00)
8 – 9 h.  Breakfast
13 – 14  Lunch on site
18. 30    Holy Mass at the Saviour  church
19 – 20  Dinner  on site

Wednesday,  29 April
FEAMC  BOARD  MEETING  in hall of  Brothers Snt. John (Snt. John Paul II and all delegates of meeting)
8 – 9 h.             Breakfast
9 – 9.30            Presentation of  Brothers Snt. John
9.30 – 13          Bureau of  FEAMC
Introduction by the President
Secretary’s report
Treasurer’s report
Appoint new treasurer
Short communications from delegates
Next Autumn Bureau in Hungary
FEAMC Spring 2021 Congress preparation: venue, organization, program, elective candidates.
Various and any
13 – 14             Lunch on site
15 –  18.30        Sightseeing  of  old  Vilnius city
18.30  – 19.30   Dinner on site
20                      Holy Mass at the  Mercy churche

Thursday,  30 April
8 – 9 h.   Breakfast
10 – 13   The Conference at the Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic Lithuania. Celebrating 22 th  World Life Day and the 30 years anniversary of the Lithuanian association of the World Doctors Federation „ Pro human  life“. 
 „Human dignity challenges in Lithuania and Europe“
(The Parliament of Lithuania, Gedimino avenue 51, Vilnius Hall of Constitution, I Palace)
Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Grušas, President of Lithuanian Conference of  Bishops,
First Vice-President of the Lithuanian Parliament Rima Baškienė.
10 – 10.30  Registration
Moderators: Vilija Aleknaitė – Abramikienė, member of  Lithuanian Parliament, Honorary Member of our Association,
Prof. Danielius Serapinas, geneticist, university of  Mykolas Romer, Counsil member of our  Association.
Welcome speech:
10. 30 – 11
Gintaras Grušas, Archbishop of Vilnius, President of Lithuanian Conference of Bishops.
Vincenzo Defilippis, President of  FEAMC.
Prof. Vytautas Landbergis, President of  the Reconstructed Lithuanian Parliament.
Rima Baškienė, First Vice-President of the Lithuanian Parliament.
Irena Degutienė, Vice-Chairwomen of Lithuanian Parliament, Honorary Member of our Association.
Asta Kubilienė, President of the Health Committee of the Lithuanian Parliament.

11 – 11. 20       Health care and health culture consolidation in juristic acts. Laimutė Matkevi-čienė, member of  Lithuanian Parliament, the Chair of the Commission of Lithuanian Addiction Prevention.
11.20 – 11.40   Situacion of suicides in Lithuania. Robertas Šarknickas, Chairman of the Commission for the Prevention of suicide and violence in the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.
11.40 – 12        Prevention of suicides in Vilnius city. Edita Tamošiūnaitė, Vicemayor of Vilnius Municipality.
12 – 12.20        Healthlity life style – self and new life telomeres care. Prof. Danielius Serapi-nas, geneticist, university of  Mykolas Romer, Counsil member of our Association.
12.20 – 12.40   Human dignity in perspective of life and death. Preast  Ričardas Doveika, Honorary Member of our Association.
12.40 – 13        Human dignity behind the threshold of life: challenges of reality in Lithuania. Alvydas Benošis, State Court Medical Service.
13. – 13.10       Discsussion.
13.10 – 13.30   Coffee break.
13.30 – 14        Excursion in the house Lithuanian Parliament.
15 – 16             Excursion in KGB museum.
16 – 17             Lunch on site.
18.30                Holy Mass at the Cathedral basilica (Chapel Snt. Casimir).

Friday, 1 st May
8 – 9 h.   Breakfast.
9             Trip to Trakai and Kernavė by bus.
13           Lunch in Trakai.
19           Celebration  dinner in the cafe „Sakva“.

Saturday, 2 ond May
8 – 9 h.   Breakfast.
Departure day.