Events relevant for FEAMC or Catholic health care workers in Europe.

27-29 May 2022: FEAMC symposium: Challenges of competence and compassion in contemporary medicine

FEAMC extended board meeting, including a symposium, to be held in Asissi, Italy, open for members of associated associations. Provisional program available.

7-9 October 2021: AMCI congress La Vita

XXVII Congress of the Italian Catholic Association.

2 October 2021: Dying well

Online annual 2021 conference of the Catholic Medical Doctors of Ireland.

15-17 september 2022: Medicine: reparative or transformative ?

FIAMC has announced its XXVIth Congress that will be held in Rome, 17-19 september 2022.

27-29 september 2021: General Assembly Pontifical Academy for Life

Annual meeting of the Pontifical Academy for Life. In part open for everybody, in part only for members.

25 september 2021: FEAMC Board Meeting

General Assembly FEAMC Board Meeting in Rome.

February 2021: FEAMC Board meeting

Regular FEAMC Board Meeting by Zoom.