Abortion without hospitalization, Savino: “Techno-scientific dictatorship”

L’Avenire di Calabria

The decision taken by health minister Roberto Speranza regarding the use of the Ru486 abortion pill without hospitalization is causing a sensation. In recent days, in fact, the guidelines that provide for the voluntary termination of pregnancy with this method, in day hospital and up to the ninth week, have been updated after ten years.

The decision would come after having recourse to the opinion of the Higher Council of Health, after years during which the method envisaged in Italy required the entire procedure to take place in hospital. The first guidelines date back to 2010, ie when mifepristone (Ru486) was registered in Italy: three days of hospitalization and a maximum limit of application of up to 7 weeks of gestation were envisaged.

Despite this, some regions have exceeded the rules, making the practice more and more outpatient, despite the fact that the Higher Council of Health had always pronounced itself in favor of hospitalization over the years.
To stir the waters now, and leading to the new resolution, was the case of the Umbria region which in June approved the provision of the Northern League according to which the stop of pharmacological abortion in day hospital is expected, thus revoking a regional resolution of 2019 .

Territorial uniformity is foreseen today by the new provision of Minister Speranza, which does everything except quell the protests.

The bishop of Cassano, Monsignor Francesco Savino, also wanted to pronounce on the question, who speaks of a real “decomposition of civil society in the name of rights that hide a voluntaristic conception of the human person and of an increasingly individualistic and egoistic in which the “dictatorship” of techno-scientific utilitarianism prevails: almost a “new religion”, to which inalienable rights are sacrificed in the name of a narcissistic desire ».

Monsignor Savino recalls the words of Pope Francis about considering a truly civil society that developed on “antibodies against the throwaway culture, which recognizes the intangible value of human life”. According to Monsignor Savino’s thought, the Ru486 pill responds to an “efficiency-utilitarian logic, which induces the state to save on welfare costs, facilitating women’s complete solitude in the face of a difficult or unexpected pregnancy”. His hope, for this, is that women are not left alone and that accompanying paths are started towards the conscious maturation of a choice that inevitably marks its existence: “All of this would require the strengthening of the counseling system and that medical-psychological assistance be guaranteed as a fundamental right. I reiterate my choice for life – concludes Francesco Savino – for this reason I also reiterate my no to the death penalty, to war and to any form of oppression and indifference towards the innocent “.