Tirocinium MMXXIII

FIAMC recently started an association for Catholic medical students and young physicians, called Societas Lucae. This summer, we are organizing a bioethics and leadership training camp for medical students, just before World Youth Day in Lisbon. The camp is called Tirocinium MMXXIII – after a Latin word that means both Boot Camp or Novitiate.

It’s going to take place on a farm outside Lisbon from Friday, July 28 through Monday, July 31, and we are expecting participants from around the world. Please review the attached document for more information.

We are contacting the World Catholic Medical Associations to ask for applications from each country.

We invite all European national catholic medical associations to select candidates and possible participants for Tirocinium summer camp. They can contact us through this email, societas.lucae.com, for all inquiries and even to send the names of the candidates to participate in this event.

In Christ,

José Diogo Martins
Tirocinium Organizing Committee

Members of the Committee Include
Dr. Jose Martins, FIAMC Executive Committee and Tirocinium Camp Director (Portugal)
Dr. Pedro Spineti, FIAMC Youth Outreach and World Youth Day Liaison (Brazil)
Dr. Rok Čivljak, President Croatian Catholic Medical Society (Croatia)
Dr. Tom McGovern, Founding Chairman, Novus Medicus American Outreach to Medical Students and Young Physicians (USA)